November 20, 2013

90s Californian femme fatale

Some editorials you look at, and you think "That is such a beautiful dress, I really want it!" whilst others make you want to become the model in the editorial, and live the lifestyle she is portraying. You cling on to the desperate hope that somehow, you will be transformed into a leggy blonde with a timeless edginess and come-hither look, living in L.A in the 90s.

This woman vision wears ankle-length belted trench coats with wide-legged trouser suits, many, many fur coats, and belted...well, everything. She embodies the bona-fide femme fatale with her perfectly coiffed hair and luscious pout. She is, in fact, based on the character of Lynn Bracken from the film L.A Confidential. So run along and watch it, I know I will. 

Images via: Voguette.