November 17, 2013

a little something from maxmara

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. As soon as we saw each other, we simply knew we belong together. Nothing could tear us apart, not even the high price tag. Every girl knows that feeling. The feeling of finding an item of clothing so impossibly perfect you're blinded for a moment, and flashes of your future life together pass through your Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's moment with a chic chignon, oversized sunglasses and stilettos. Another one, where you're as cool as Ana Selezneva with your perfect blonde disheveled hair and defiant feline look. A fashion week moment flickers by, with the coat nonchalantly thrown over your shoulders and underneath, an edgy, yet elegant ensemble that makes passers by try to stop staring at your immaculate self. 

Anyone who's followed Bougeotte on Twitter (@bougeotte) might have noticed I've been on a constant hunt for a camel coat, ever since this article on Into The Gloss. Not only because it's just a perfect item to have in your wardrobe on those days we all know very well, when we want to look incredible without trying at all, but because this month is going to be extremely busy, with travels to London, Paris, and Singapore. For the former two, I need an item of clothing that will keep me warm on my trips to Covent Garden and walks through Saint Germain. 

So, on my shopping trip last Saturday, I went to MaxMara without even thinking twice, simply because I had a feeling about it. And there it was. I tried it on, and I bought it. No second thoughts, nothing. It just happened, and went with the flow. Sadly enough, whilst other girls my age spend time partying, my Saturday night was spent trying this coat on with every dress/trouser/sweater/bag/shoe I own. And my conclusion is, a camel coat is the equivalent of a red lipstick, black pair of jeans and marl grey cashmere sweater, something everyone needs to have. 

COMING SOON: the camel coat photo shoot.