April 6, 2014

Land of Eternal Spring

For Love & Lemons' Spring Lookbook is quintessentially Bougeotte - taken somewhere in 
South America, it brings out our WANDERLUST for traveling to colourful and vibrant places, and wearing equally effervescent lace skirts, INTRICATE maxi dresses and 
rompers paired with suede gladiator lace-ups and silver jewellery bought in local shops. 

Could help but fall in love with these photographs, especially in view of my unhealthy obsession with the end of exams (two months to go) and arrival of summer, finally. I simply cannot stay in the same place for longer than one month; I get an irresistible lust for planes, tickets, packing clothes for a trip, wandering around new towns and absorbing the air and atmosphere so inherently unique to each one, buying local souvenirs and impossibly colourful clothes, road trips...you get the idea. This summer is going to be filled with travels and new adventures, so it looks like For Love & Lemons is the only thing I will be wearing.

Images via For Love & Lemons


  1. Beautiful collection with dreamy pieces for summer vacation...

  2. Vina SmithApril 07, 2014

    This is just... Perfect. I agree wholeheartedly with your itch for travel, I too have been experiencing intense wanderlust lately. Excited for this summer's upcoming travels and adventures :)

  3. bekanicoleeMay 31, 2014

    my very favorite lookbook :)


  4. the beautiful city of Antiqua, Guatemala... loved my time there