Victoria Berezhna

I am half-Greek half-Ukrainian, having been raised in Spain since early childhood. I now reside in London, and study International Relations at the London School of Economics. From such an international background began both an interest in history, politics, and economics, and a passion for literature. Novels by Gabriel García Marquez and Ernest Hemingway were intermingled with tomes on the Arab Spring and the Cold War.

Fashion was always entwined with news headlines and cultural trends. What particularly inspired me were the endless pages of the magazines I collected which encompassed all of my passions into one, simultaneously bringing the reader into a hazy world of bright lights and haute couture, while exposing current social issues and the zeitgeist of the generation. I am a firm believer that fashion is a reflection of its time; what I love are pieces that combine fashion with history, politics, and economics.

I find myself looking up to timeless icons from past decades including Lauren Bacall and Annouk Aimée, and longing for sunny afternoons in the Malecón in Havana and days exploring colourful towns in India. Always overdressed and dishing out on tailored pieces and shoes — secretly dreaming they were from Céline or Balenciaga — I dress for myself rather than others, and would trade breakfast for Vogue or a one-way ticket to anywhere beautiful.