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    Editorial: La Nuit De La Couture

    There is something Helmut Newton-esque in this editorial shot by Nathaniel Goldberg for Numéro #166 September 2015. PARIS at nighttime provides a refreshing change from the usual daytime…

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  • Snapshot: Golden Hour in Paris

    Snapshot: Golden Hour in Paris

    Reminiscing upon a MAGICAL summer spent in Paris three years ago, when all things seemed to have fallen into place. The overcast summer afternoon light at…

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  • French Fashion Editors: A Guide

    French Fashion Editors: A Guide

    French fashion EDITORS are my favourite, since they retain a certain sense of mysteriousness, while remaining CHIC and nonchalant. They capture the attention of street style photographers precisely…

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A family weekend spent celebrating an engagement in a SEASIDE restaurant facing an old fortress, and sailing along the Spanish COAST under the September sun.   It isn’t often that two families get together in unity and under the right circumstances; only certain occasions call for such a perfect star alignment. Not long ago was such a weekend. The occasion? My cousin’s surprise proposal to his girlfriend — not much of a surprise for me, who weeks before the event, became the diamond ring advisor — and a subsequent engagement party in a seaside restaurant on

Bella Hadid, an aspiring Olympian horse rider, models with elegance the AW15 equestrian-inspired look of muted autumnal hues and classic separates. If you know how much I enjoy horse-riding, you’ll understand why I loved this Porter Magazine editorial so much. Bella Hadid, an aspiring Olympian horse rider, models with elegance the AW15 equestrian-inspired look. There are clean-cut separates in muted autumnal hues, blazers paired with high-neck sweaters and leather boots; neckties elegantly worn around shirt collars; and of course, the magnificence of the sport itself. Most equestrian-inspired editorials feature models posing

Edinburgh is the postcard-perfect city. ELEGANT Georgian townhouses with coloured doors line the cobblestone streets, history and tradition are intricately INFUSED in everything, and Edinburgh castle seems stolen from a FAIRYTALE.   Ask any Londoner whether it’s worth venturing outside of the city to get acquainted with the rest of the United Kingdom, and they will give you a look of complete disdain that will make their opinion instantly clear: why would anyone in their right mind ever travel outside of London. That explains both why I never took the initiative to explore

The BEST Instagram accounts are those that simultaneously inspire and entice you. You want to be their travel companion, FRIEND, and colleague, because the photographs are coherent and make you dream. I call them VISUAL influencers, and @KristenMarieNichols is the first.

Seeing glimpses of the English COUNTRYSIDE from a narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal was an unforgettable experience, and the perfect weekend GETAWAY.   I am someone who grew up in small coastal towns; nature was never far away, whether long stretches of empty beaches, camping sites, or boutique hotels in the countryside. It is something I now know I took for granted, since only after having lived in London for almost a year, and consequently experienced city life at its fullest, with the bad and the good — noise and

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