• The New Italian Street Style Stars

    Fashion week muses, and the sources of photographers’ flashes and close-ups, go through CYCLES. A couple of years ago, it was the Russian czarinas in opulent embroideries and…

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  • Egypt cover

    Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

    Traveling to a desolate resort on the SINAI peninsula following the 2015 plane crash was a singular experience, but not without its share of rose-gold SUNSETS, turquoise…

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  • cover

    Editorial: La Nuit De La Couture

    There is something Helmut Newton-esque in this editorial shot by Nathaniel Goldberg for Numéro #166 September 2015. PARIS at nighttime provides a refreshing change from the usual daytime…

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The appeal of Capri is ENDLESS: a hedonistic yet confidently unassuming dolce vita that has CHARMED Roman Emperors and Hollywood stars alike, but finding its real essence among the loud tourist facade is a CHALLENGE of its own.    .     The sun is low and the town is languid from sleep when I arrive in Capri by ferry. Already I begin to understand the enduring appeal of the island. It feels like taking that first gasp of fresh air when jumping out of the ocean; fresh, serene. They’re slightly paradoxical adjectives to use, given the glamorous and hedonistic history of the island. Jackie

Fashion interns will encounter many dilemmas throughout their 3-month stint at a glossy magazine or PR company. What to prioritise first, coffee for your editor, or dealing with the shipment DHL should have delivered yesterday; how to say “no” to your editor regardless of the fact rule number one is to never say “no” to an editor; where to run when the wrong Louis Vuitton sample has arrived and the shoot is today. The biggest dilemma of all, though, is what to wear. The industry is plagued by imagery from The Devil Wears Prada,

Arthur Elgort is the quintessential American fashion photographer, having captured iconic moments of the ORIGINAL supermodels, from Christie Turlington’s Italian riviera TOUR, to Kate Moss’s Nepal adventures. Arthur Elgort’s personality is easily summed up by an anecdote from his beginnings at photography: he started as an art student, but after realising the path wasn’t a particularly social one, Elgort began to photograph ballet dancers, instead. He forged is name in the industry not only by his relaxed and easy snapshot style, but his relationships with the supermodels of that era; the cool and charming

Photographer Cass Bird’s WORK always features a sense of lightness and adventure, and this Porter Magazine editorial starring Sienna Miller in an EXOTIC island, wearing knitwear over bikinis, and the compulsory Chanel monochrome heels, is NO EXCEPTION.   Everyone dreams of an island escape. Some for the much needed break from the everyday worries of work and family; others are expectant not only of the postcard-perfect beach, but also a sense of excitement. Here, at Bougeotte, the vacation wardrobe is what entices us. Think vibrant colours that echo the fruit that grows on

“Positano bites deep. It is a DREAM place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have GONE” — John Steinbeck.     Given the last-minute nature of the trip during low season, we didn’t expect much from the hotel we booked two weeks in advance, after it became the last remaining decent option. But the Alcione Residence was so much more. I was vaguely hoping for views to the town, to attempt and catch a sight of the coloured buildings when I wake up.

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