Traveling to a desolate resort on the SINAI peninsula following the 2015 plane crash was a singular experience, but not without its share of rose-gold SUNSETS, turquoise waters, and dreamy coral REEFS: the ingredients for a PERFECT break.   I have been in Sharm el-Sheikh for two days, and realise that so far my trip has been marked by one fact: solitude. The airport’s sizeable runway had exactly two airplanes when our Swiss Air flight landed, making the 70s old-fashioned terminal seem oversized for the few passengers there were. The highway which our taxi

“Now, I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman oughtta think, but tell her if she’s gotta think: think pink!”   If you’re still not inclined towards pink after scrolling past this post, please refer to the first five minutes of Funny Face, where the above quote is taken from. The fashion editor of Quality magazine (loosely based on Diana Vreeland’s reign at Vogue) elucidates to the rest of editors on the next big trend. As you may have guessed, it’s the colour pink, which apparently should be used

The free spirited and creative HERITAGE of Tuscany, home to the infinitely romantic Italian Renaissance movement, calls for flowing BOHEMIAN dresses, delicate lace details, and soft-hued FLORAL prints: an artful SIMPLICITY.   Tuscany has held my fascination for a while now, both as an international relations student and an individual interested in fashion. The depth of its historical heritage is large: Florence and Siena were powerful city-states during the 11th Century, and artists from Botticelli to Michaelangelo were born here and continually took inspiration from the region. My favourite art movement, the Italian

Investment pieces have a TIMELESS appeal, that of never having to utter the phrase “I have nothing to wear” ever again. Having underestimated (or disregarded) that factor, where did I go so WRONG in my sartorial shopping decisions?   As someone who prefers the boyfriend jeans, white shirt and ballet flats look over a trend-driven menagerie of retina-searing pieces with street style photographer appeal, there is a mental comfort I find in a good cashmere sweater or a perfectly fitting t-shirt. Investment pieces have a timeless appeal, that of never having to

Sheepskin, fox, suede…THE COCOONS OF MATERIALS. Soft and comfortable, they keep you warm while maintaining an air of allure. It’s all in how you wear them: a 70s spirit and a dishevelled attitude. SIMPLE AND CLASSY. Mix model Malgosia Bela, Vogue Paris, and Geraldine Saglio as the stylist, and you get the perfect mix of Parisienne insouciance and vintage spirit. I’m not sure what I love more: the Zadig & Voltaire fur jacket, the dreamy military-inspired Ermanno Scervino pants, or that bright coral Philip Plein coat. Dress me up in textured coats and wide-legged

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