• The New Italian Street Style Stars

    Fashion week muses, and the sources of photographers’ flashes and close-ups, go through CYCLES. A couple of years ago, it was the Russian czarinas in opulent embroideries and…

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  • Egypt cover

    Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

    Traveling to a desolate resort on the SINAI peninsula following the 2015 plane crash was a singular experience, but not without its share of rose-gold SUNSETS, turquoise…

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  • cover

    Editorial: La Nuit De La Couture

    There is something Helmut Newton-esque in this editorial shot by Nathaniel Goldberg for Numéro #166 September 2015. PARIS at nighttime provides a refreshing change from the usual daytime…

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Beach life in Bali is sweet. Days are spent sipping ice tea by the CRYSTAL clear waters of the Indian Ocean, or watching the fishermen from the INFINITY pool. A perfect GETAWAY in every sense.   There’s 160 steps down to the beach. The prospect would seem more daunting were the water not a silky turquoise hue extending as far as the eye can see, and glistening with a glimmer belonging to the highest clarity scale of a diamond. As I descend, I notice the reef, a protective shell enveloping the beach. Hundreds

Casares, a village of idyllic white houses and an Arab FORTRESS perched high on the mountains, has a subtle APPEAL even in the midst of winter. i The town is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. My steps resonate along the whitewashed walls to echo back at me while I climb the stairs that will take me to the ancient fortress, and sunlight from the golden hour glosses over miniature wooden doors and plant pots hung haphazardly. It’s an eerie feeling to roam around an Andalucían town in the midst of

Bali evokes thoughts of PARADISE, palm trees, crystal white beaches, and UNTOUCHED flora and fauna. It is the island’s spiritual nature and IDYLLIC beauty untampered by decades of tourism that won me over. An essence of ADVENTURE and mysticism, Bali is as serene as it sounds.   “You honour the bad spirits, too, or they will get revenge” says Nengah, placing an offering in front of a red door with a seemingly infinite number of golden carvings. I’m at Pura Khan, one of the thousands of temples on the island, learning one of the many stories from the

“Photographing attractive PEOPLE who were doing attractive THINGS in attractive PLACES.” — Slim Aarons   How does a young American go from serving as a combat photographer during World War II to capturing the international jet-set in their intimate and hedonistic habitat? By realising that the only beach worth landing on is one that “has a blonde on it.” After photographing the atrocities of WW2, Aarons set off to California — and eventually, everywhere from the Amalfi Coast to the Bahamas. He became a chronicler of the good life, encapsulating the joie de vivre of

The appeal of Capri is ENDLESS: a hedonistic yet confidently unassuming dolce vita that has CHARMED Roman Emperors and Hollywood stars alike, but finding its real essence among the loud tourist facade is a CHALLENGE of its own.    .     The sun is low and the town is languid from sleep when I arrive in Capri by ferry. Already I begin to understand the enduring appeal of the island. It feels like taking that first gasp of fresh air when jumping out of the ocean; fresh, serene. They’re slightly paradoxical adjectives to use, given the glamorous and hedonistic history of the island. Jackie

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