October 26, 2014

LDN Update

To describe my first month in London as restless, VIBRANT, simultaneously invigorating and terrifying, and absolutely incredible, is an understatement. There's so much I've seen, and even more I haven't DISCOVERED. 

October 5, 2014

Monochrome & Neutral

The combination of monochromatic tones and NEUTRAL hues for fall has been worn countless times, yet never ceases to find forms of renaissance and embodies 
a CONFIDENT woman who knows exactly what she wants, and finds 
the most GRACEFUL and assertive ways of getting it. 

September 27, 2014

London Bound

Tomorrow I'm moving to LONDON for 3 years to start university, and it is simultaneously the most frightening and thrilling thing ever.

September 24, 2014

Cloudy Bay

When one isn't ready to let go of the SUMMER just yet, despite it being well into the first month of the fall, campfires by the BEACH wearing fine-knit sweaters with bikini bottoms are an ideal solution.